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01 December 2022 10: 45
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900 hryvnia per month for a communal apartment from the state: which of the Ukrainians can get help?

The state additionally supports Ukrainians, who also decided to support their compatriots.

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900 hryvnia per month for a communal apartment from the state: which of the Ukrainians can get help?

In Ukraine, despite the fact that the country provides subsidies, paying utility bills for many Ukrainians is an overwhelming responsibility. And the situation was especially aggravated during the war, when prices for everything are rising, money is depreciating, incomes are declining. However, until the end of the heating season, the state will provide some Ukrainians with monthly assistance in the amount of UAH 900.

Thus, the Ministry of Social Policy decided to allocate an additional UAH 900. for a communal apartment until the end of the heating season for those who hosted internally displaced persons. The amount is paid for each IDP, and before the heating season was 450 UAH. per month. The government has decided to double the amount paid due to the need to pay for heating during the cold season. That is, now the amount of assistance per day for one IDP is 30 UAH.

Additional payments will be received only by those Ukrainians who have accommodated IDPs on a free basis, and people who have been granted asylum must necessarily be residents of temporarily occupied territories or territories where hostilities are taking place. The Ministry of Reintegration regularly updates the list of such communities, and the current list as of the end of November can be see link.

How to get a surcharge?

In order to make a payment, the homeowner must submit an application for receiving money to the local authorities, in which the date of settlement, data of people and the address of the dwelling must be indicated.

The application needs attach the following documents:

  • a copy of the identity document of the IDP guest;
  • documents on the ownership of residential premises;
  • a document proving the identity of the owner of the housing;
  • bank account details to which compensation will be transferred.

You can also register on the program website using the link. prykhystok.gov.ua to speed up information processing.

The IDP living in the apartment must be registered as an internally displaced person, otherwise no payments will be made. At the same time, apartment owners must report to social authorities if any of the guests left.

You can consult on the issue in more detail:

  • on the 1545-hour government hotline XNUMX;
  • on the hotline of the Ministry of Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine at 044-284-06-28 from 9:00 to 18:00.

Recall that these payments are made by the state within the framework of the government program "Shelter" ("Prihistok"), the purpose of which is to provide housing for internally displaced persons who moved to safer places during martial law, and to help Ukrainians who decide to shelter them for free.

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