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April 05 2022 10: 30
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79% of refugees plan to return after war - poll

Most of the refugees are qualified specialists with higher education, 63% turned out to be Russian-speaking.

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79% of refugees plan to return after war - poll

Most of the refugees intend to return to Ukraine and believe in victory in the war. This is stated in the results sociological survey of the Razumkov Center, which was conducted from March 15 to April 1, 2022.

Portrait of a Ukrainian refugee

According to the survey, the vast majority of refugees are women (83%), which is not surprising given the ban on leaving Ukraine for men aged 18 to 60. 17% of refugees are men.

The age groups of refugees were distributed as follows:

  • from 30 to 39 years old - 37%;
  • from 40 to 49 years old - 26%;
  • from 16 to 29 years old - 19%;
  • from 60 and more years - 11%;
  • from 50-59 years old - 8%.

79% of respondents plan to return to Ukraine after the end of the war, 10% do not plan, 11% found it difficult to answer.

76% of respondents - people with higher or incomplete higher education, 18% - with secondary specialized education, and only 6% - with general secondary education.

The most represented social groups among the respondents are highly qualified specialists (26%), entrepreneurs (20%) and skilled workers (17%).

51,5% of those leaving Ukraine are residents of the south-east of the country, 45% are residents of the central regions (31% are residents of Kyiv and the Kyiv region), 4% are residents of the western regions.

Not everyone fled from the shelling

55% of the respondents answered that at the time of their departure, hostilities were taking place in the settlement where they live, 13% - that hostilities took place near it, 10% - that there were no hostilities, but the settlement was bombed or shelled, 14% - that neighboring settlements were bombed or shelled. And 8% noted that none of the above happened in their locality or near it.

Mostly Russian speakers flee the country

63% of refugees answered that they speak Russian at home, 31% - Ukrainian, 3% - another language. At the same time, 65% called Ukrainian their native language, 22% - Russian, 4% - another language. Recall that, according to the 2001 Ukrainian census, 29,59% of Ukrainians called Russian their mother tongue, and 67,53% - Ukrainian.

Refugee sentiment

89% of respondents believe that Ukraine will win this war, only 1% gave a negative answer, 10% found it difficult to answer.

Actions of the leadership of Ukraine during the war, 78% of respondents evaluate positively, 2% - negatively, 20% found it difficult to answer.

35% of respondents consider the assistance of the international community in Ukraine sufficient, 43% - insufficient, 23% have not decided on the answer to this question.

Earlier we wrote about which men are allowed to leave Ukraine for the warand on permission for persons with disabilities to leave Ukraine under martial law - but only once.

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