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April 13 2021 10: 51
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Ukrainian women arrested in the Emirates for a candid photo shoot were deported

The last of the girls has so far remained in the country - she was diagnosed with Covid-19.

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Ukrainian women arrested in the Emirates for a candid photo shoot were deported

Law enforcement officers of the United Arab Emirates deported 11 young Ukrainian citizens from the country who participated in a sensational candid photo shoot in Dubai. Another girl is still in the country: during her stay under arrest, she tested positive for Covid-19. About it сообщает Press Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Oleg Nikolenko.

Recall that we are talking about a photo shoot arranged on the balcony of one of the skyscrapers in Dubai two weeks ago. Then the locals called the police, outraged by the ongoing "indecency". 17 naked models were photographed on public display. 12 of them were Ukrainians. All of them were arrested for violating public morality - we recall that the Emirates remain a strict Muslim country with its own rules.

It soon became clear that the girls had been arrested and taken into custody. Given the strict laws of the UAE, they could even face jail terms. However, thanks to the intervention of Ukrainian diplomats, all models were limited to the minimum possible punishment - deportation and a ban on entry into the country.

One of the girls опубликовала video immediately after release from custody. In it, she said that almost all of her "team" was released and would soon return to Ukraine. The model promised to announce all the details soon.

“Last night, the UAE authorities deported eleven Ukrainian citizens who were previously detained in Dubai ... Another Ukrainian woman who was diagnosed with COVID-19 will be deported after recovery. The entire group was banned from further entry into the UAE. Thanks to the efforts of the Ukrainian Consulate in Dubai, the citizens received the minimum possible punishment.”- said Oleg Nikolaenko.

At the same time, according to him, the girls were very lucky - diplomats quickly stood up for them and, in general, they managed to disperse with the opposite side, as they say, amicably. Indeed, in addition to expulsion from the country and a ban on entry, Ukrainian women could be “soldered” with huge fines, or even put in jail for six months (or all together).

“For safe travel abroad, we urge citizens of Ukraine to strictly comply with the laws and rules of conduct in the host countries”- recalled the press secretary of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

Note that for all the other participants in the photo shoot (including its male organizers), the investigation is currently ongoing. However, with a high degree of probability, they also face deportation from the country and a ban on further entry.

We previously reported a strong fire in one of the famous skyscrapers in the United Arab Emirates. The initial source of ignition was located on the 10th floor of the building, but later spread to 48 floors. The fire was visited, experts said it was possible to repair the damage.

Also Klymenko Time analyzed in detail recent visit of President Zelensky to the Emirates. The Office of the President then called it one of the most successful foreign trips in recent times. Then the parties signed contracts for a total amount of about 3 billion dollars. Among other things, the issue of Arab investments in the Ukrainian land market was also discussed.

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