"Eradicate corruption and change priorities": member of the Council for Economic Development, Professor Ella Libanova on the future of the country and the end of the war

If the war lasts a year, Ukraine will never return home most of the able-bodied population, as well as children, who are our future.

Heating season 2022: when will it be warm in the homes of Ukrainians and how much will we pay in tariffs?

The heating season will begin in Ukraine, but earlier is not a fact. The Ministry of Regional Development is doing everything possible so that Ukrainians do not freeze in winter.

Khrushchev - all? In Ukraine, they are going to demolish old houses, and residents will be compensated

In Ukraine, they finally took up the demolition of Khrushchev. This will be done after the war. Citizens will receive either compensation or equivalent housing.

The labor market is stabilizing, but salaries are falling: where in Ukraine they receive the least

In Ukraine, the labor market is stabilizing, but salaries are not growing, and on the contrary, they are falling. Where they began to pay less, they told the media.

Political drama in the Celestial Empire: did a coup d'état really take place in China?

What's going on in China? An attempted military coup, a third-term election, or a non-standard solution to the problem with Taiwan?

Under shelling of Zaporozhye and Dnepropetrovsk region, the Russian army continues to collect reserves: military news for September 24

The shelling of the Kharkiv region, Donetsk and Dnepropetrovsk region continues. The Russian army continues to collect reserves.

Iranian Ambassador lost his accreditation in Ukraine due to the shelling of Odessa with drones: details of a political scandal

Iran got into a big mess because of the shelling of Odessa with drones that they sold to the Russian army.

Referendums in uncontrolled territories will make NATO a party to the conflict according to the Russian Federation - Stoltenberg

In the seventh month of the war, NATO began to think about the fact that Russia accuses Ukraine of using the weapons of the Alliance. As they say, the morning began suddenly.

Everyone is equal, but some are more equal: which of the men was allowed to leave Ukraine and for what?

All men are equal before the border, but some are more equal than others. Drivers of humanitarian cargo are allowed to travel abroad. But what to do with fakes is still unclear.

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Karaoke microphone and "polling stations" in entrances and bomb shelters: how the occupied territories of Ukraine voted today

On the first day of "voting" for the entry of Ukrainian territories into the Russian Federation, the turnout averaged 20%.

Zelensky is hard to shock, but Israel succeeded

The President of Ukraine reproached Israel for the fact that the country has not provided any assistance to Ukraine since the beginning of a full-scale war.

Putin is a friend, but elections are more expensive: Berlusconi acquitted the President of the Russian Federation, and then changed his mind

The ex-prime minister of Italy said that the Russian president was pushed into a "special operation", and after a wave of criticism, he said that he was misunderstood.

While the Bundestag is deciding on the supply of Leopard tanks, armored vehicles for the Armed Forces of Ukraine are being bought from the Russians

Meanwhile, Zelensky says that if Germany does not want to give tanks, then there is no need, "we will win without your tanks."

30% of Ukrainians are now unemployed, but there are vacancies that constantly require workers: details

IDPs are the most difficult now, and workers and trade specialties are increasingly in demand.

Parimatch betting on the match Poland - Saudi Arabia

The FIFA World Cup is one of the largest and most anticipated sporting events in the world.

The free carrying of firearms is questionable, but everyone may be allowed to use traumatic weapons

The issue of free possession of weapons in Ukraine is still under discussion.

Eat a fish and not choke on a bone: the EU wants to both weaken and strengthen anti-Russian sanctions

On the one hand, the EU announces the preparation of a new package of sanctions against the Russian Federation, and on the other hand, the media publish a document that could ease restrictions.

Nuclear weapons for "dummies" and senior officials

Everything you need to know about weapons of mass destruction and the likelihood of their use.

Armed Forces of Ukraine intend to liberate the Luhansk region and will start from Liman, and mobilization in the Russian Federation is no longer going according to plan: military news for September 23

Because of the shelling of Donetsk, civilians were again killed, and military operations at the front are not so active now.