Kramatorsk, Slavyansk, Konstantinovka, Pokrovsk: what is the fate of the last major cities of Donbass that the Ukrainian army still controls

In the part of Donbas controlled by Ukraine, the situation is constantly aggravated

If Crimea is not ours, then what will happen

Three options for the development of the Ukrainian conflict in 2023 from KT analysts and American media

Limited fit is also needed by the homeland

Who is being drafted into the army now, how is mobilization going, and what is it all leading to

Spring will come - will they start planting? Or not?

What is the background of the wave of searches in Ukraine?

Two years - and we are in the EU: plans of the leadership of Ukraine vs reality

Ukraine intends to join the European Union in two years. This is the good news that the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmygal brought to the media space.

Sumy and Chernihiv regions: daily under fire and in anticipation of an offensive

Border shelling of Ukrainian regions is rapidly acquiring the form of a full-fledged front

2-3 months. Year - maximum

Ukraine will have Western tanks, but when?

Foreign billions for Ukraine

How much money will the country receive from the IMF, EU and G2023 in 7?

Russia is preparing for an offensive, and Putin considers the war existential and intends to win it at all costs

What does the latest Bloomberg article say?

Will fighter jets be handed over to Ukraine after tanks?

The topic of transferring Western combat aircraft to Kyiv has recently become much more active in the media.

How to choose the right skincare for your age?

Skin care is necessary for everyone: from infancy to old age.

Is the big war in Eastern Europe getting closer?

How NATO is probing the "red lines" of Russia, and what is fraught with.

TP-Link Budget Router: 5 Reasons to Buy

A quality router can be inexpensive.

Eggs in kilograms, or how the Ministry of Defense is trying to hush up the scandal with the purchase of products at fabulous prices

Corruption scandal with a multibillion-dollar scheme of theft in the Ministry of Defense for the purchase of food, we can say, was successfully resolved

The line beyond which there will be no return: why in Russia they again started talking about the use of nuclear weapons

Very direct signals from Russia about the possibility of using nuclear weapons in this war have become more frequent.

Herbs for worms or pills: which is more effective

Helminthiasis is a common disease that affects about 10% of the world's population.

With things to go: who is going to be fired in Ukraine, and how expedient is it to go to war?

Volodymyr Zelensky announced high-profile resignations in Ukraine, which should take place this week

Ukraine goes on the offensive: three possible scenarios

The Armed Forces of Ukraine will no doubt try this year to conduct a large-scale offensive on the front

Rammstein - 8: the first crack in the western monolith?

The German town of Ramstein-Miesenbach, with a population of just under 7 people, would not have become known to the world if it were not for the Ramstein Air Base, which is both the headquarters of the US Air Force in Europe and the largest stronghold of the United States outside its own territory. By the way, this is also one of the two bases for American nuclear weapons in Germany. [...]

"Pain and Humiliation" How Poland wipes its feet on Germany, and why Berlin tolerates it

In recent months and weeks, relations between Warsaw and Berlin, which were not perfect even before, take on the character of a clear and defiant disregard of the interests of Germany by the Polish side.