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13 July 2021 09: 18
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"Take your children and get into the car to smoke marijuana": Buzhansky - about the legalization of cannabis in Ukraine

Everyone will be disappointed, except those who have never been charmed.

Maxim Buzhansky
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Take your children and sit in the car to smoke marijuana: Buzhansky - about the legalization of cannabis in Ukraine

Today, June 13, an extraordinary meeting of the Verkhovna Rada will be held, at which the issue of legalizing medical cannabis will be considered. In April, the corresponding resolution numbered 324 accepted the cabinet. Now the Parliament will take care of it. Note that many People's Deputies are vehemently in favor of the legalization, but not the people's deputy from the "Servant of the People" Maxim Buzhansky. In social networks, he shared his opinion and urged not to hope that everything will change for the better after the adoption of the law.

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In the event that legalization of cannabis can be pushed through the hall today, everyone will be disappointed.

Those who for some reason decided that it would be free to smoke it on the streets will suddenly find that they still face a choice, a prison or a bribe to the police.

Those who for some reason, having forgotten about "import parity", decided that painkillers would cost a penny, they will find that all the same are not a penny.

Those who believe that this is a "step into Europe" will see that this is a step on the wrong foot.

Everyone will be disappointed, except those who have never been charmed.

But I just wanted to push through the possibility of growing cannabis in Ukraine.

But they will not sympathize with the disappointed, because they themselves wanted it.

And yes, there is no need to talk about the fact that smoked people are very nice, peaceful and kind people.

Take your children, you have children, since you undertook to determine the future of other people's children, and sit with them in a car with a marijuana smoker who is racing 120 kilometers per hour.

You do not want?

But why?

The argument is that half (5%, 20%, xs how many percent) drives drunk, this is not an argument.

Do you want the other half to be driving stoned?

Well, ok, the same experiment, take the children, get into the car of a drug addict knowing that a drunk is coming towards you ...

No, don't you?


What do you want with other people's children?

Oh, and more.

The phrase, painkillers will become cheaper, this is only half a lie.

They will be, but for manufacturers, not for patients.

Costs will go down, margins will go up, that's all.

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