Lyubov Kirilyuk
03 February 2022 13: 30

Ukrainians ignore any quarantine measures, but a lot of useless restrictions continue to apply

The question is why this is necessary and when the state will bring order to this.

Denis Gorokhovsky
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Ukrainians ignore any quarantine measures, but a lot of useless restrictions continue to apply

For almost two years now, various anti-COVID measures have been taken in Ukraine - from entering public places with Diya certificates to a total lockdown. However, this does not help. Either deliberately ineffective ways to deal with the pandemic are chosen, or the regime is observed carelessly. Blogger and political expert Denis Gorokhovsky argues on the pointlessness of many quarantine restrictions.

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Recently I caught myself thinking that I had not shown the certificate in "Die" to anyone for a very long time. Over the past couple of months, in my opinion, only in the cinema are they regularly asked to present it, not in cafes, not on skating rinks and so on, nowhere else.

Here are the numbers today. 4 million sick, 40 thousand per day increase. And so, on the one hand, we have given up on any quarantine measures, reducing them to formal ones, so it is not correct to say that they are not effective, they are simply not observed. On the other hand, we continue to have a lot of restrictions, which, as statistics show, do not help in any way, but greatly complicate the lives of certain groups of people.

There are two ways: either the state should tighten the screws as much as possible under its own responsibility, or remove restrictions and shift responsibility to citizens (everyone is responsible for himself).

And the behavior of large and small European countries, which are taking radically opposite measures, also looks funny. From the outside, it looks as if the leadership of large states was encouraged to force the topic, to introduce fourth doses, etc., but this time they didn’t bring small ones and they went on the principle: they canceled all measures. It's interesting.

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