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15 June 2020 10: 10
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Hatred of Jews is the norm for "patriots". So Zvirobiy will get away with everything

There can be no doubt about it

Vyacheslav Chechilo
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Jew hatred is the norm for patriots. So Zvirobiy will get away with everything

In the Jewish chronicles of the 17th century, when they write about Bohdan Khmelnitsky, they always add "may his name be cursed forever and may the Lord send death on him."

The reason for this is that during the Khmelnytsky uprising, almost all Jews were destroyed on the territory of Ukraine. Just carved out - including old people and babies.

Scientists even believe that compatriots set a world record here, outdid the Nazis - in percentage terms, more Jews were killed than in the Holocaust. Alas, a hundred years later we repeated this trick - during the Koliivshchyna. Then - during the Civil War. Well, about the heroism of the Ukrainian auxiliary police during World War II, as it were, everyone already knows.

Why am I? Moreover, anti-Semitism among our "patriots" does not surprise me. Nobody Zvirobiy, of course, did not hack - w * ?: she hates quite sincerely, like most of her "comrades-in-arms".

It is surprising that in the 21st century the state does not react to this in any way. There is no doubt that Zviroby will get away with everything.

Source: Telegram channel of Vyacheslav Chechilo

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