Alex Wright
24 June 2021 08: 06

“Not ours” The Great Patriotic War is a shameful simulacrum that humiliates Ukraine and Ukrainians

With the passage of time, fewer and fewer living participants in the Great Patriotic War remain alive, and the current generation more often has to study the past only on the basis of someone's subjective assessments and on the remnants of historical documents. But even this opportunity is used by very few.

Alex Wright
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“Not ours” The Great Patriotic War is a shameful simulacrum that humiliates Ukraine and Ukrainians

For most, scraps of emotions from the movies and the conventional wisdom of talking heads from the TV are enough. And the natural departure of the participants and eyewitnesses of that war opened up a huge scope for various speculations regarding the events of the past years, which are often committed to please the political agenda. And just the modern Ukrainian authorities use this opportunity to 300%, from year to year demonstrating to their citizens that it is possible to change the past without any ingenious machines from science fiction films.

Unthinkable, but we have the phrase "victory of the Soviet Union in the Great Patriotic War"For many years they have been turning, if not into a taboo, then, in any case, into a concept that a prominent politician in office should clearly not pronounce. No less disturbing is the fact that, following Poland, Ukraine is diligently adopting historical concept that there was no "our" side in this war at all, and the country is just "found itself between two fires: Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union". From every iron, we are diligently imposed on the idea that the territory of Ukraine accidentally turned out to be the site of a battle between two regimes. This trend is clearly demonstrated by inadequate and shameful Address by President Volodymyr Zelensky on the occasion of the start "the bloodiest period of World War II".

Needless to say, such an approach does not stand up to any objective criticism? How can history be made "not our war" if, according to the most conservative estimates, 8 million Ukrainians died in it? Between 6 and 7 million of our ancestors fought in the ranks of the Red Army against fascism, and they went into battle by no means "for Stalin." Ukrainian Red Army soldiers fought for their home, their families, their land.

Ukrainian writer and film director Alexander Dovzhenko during the war he wrote: "Our motherland is Ukraine mother!... Bless the arms of your sons, accept our blood, our wound and gratitude... So for Ukraine, brothers! For the victory!". Notice, not a word about the "radian union" so hated by itinerant activists. Among Ukrainians there are more than two thousand heroes of the USSR, half of the 15 fronts of the Great Patriotic War were led by generals of Ukrainian origin. Names will forever remain in the memory of generations Fedor Zinchenko, Sidor Kovpak, Ivana Kozhedub and millions of other Ukrainians, whose feat did not become as well-known, but that did not make it any less valuable in the matter of approaching Victory Day. That's why allegations that Ukrainians became "victims from the USSR" look ridiculous. And you also need to remember that it was the Soviet army that took control of the Curzon Line, thanks to which Western Ukraine was returned to the Ukrainian nation.

Itself the idea of ​​presenting itself as an "injured party" humiliates the Ukrainian people, turning it from a subject of global changes, part of the force that built the architecture of post-war Europe, into a weak-willed object of Nazi atrocities and their punitive operations. Further development of the doctrine "Ukraine is not Russia" in relation to the historical memory of the Great Patriotic War, hurts Ukrainian statehood and cripples national self-consciousness by replacing a colossal contribution to victory with an absurd simulacrum about a "not our" war. It takes away the right of Ukrainians to be proud of the Great Victory and consider themselves the descendants of those who were not afraid to fight against absolute evil and crushed it.

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