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April 10 2020 10: 55
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Enough simulations! Why searches at Chernovol are fake

What are you going to find there six years after the crime?

Elena Lukash
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Enough simulations! Why searches at Chernovol are fake

Search at Chernovol in the case of the seizure of the office of the Party of Regions and the murder of Vladimir Zakharov. Entering data on Poroshenko’s illegal appointment of judges of the Armed Forces of Ukraine into the ERDR, which clearly looks like revenge…

Maybe enough simulations and imitations, expensive for the taxpayer, the GPU and the DBR? What/whom does this bullying affect? What will change besides TV stories?

What are you going to find in Chernovil's house 6 years after the crime? How did the registration of new papers in the ERDR affect the procedural status of Poroshenko? Where is the signed suspicion?
Where are the arrests of looters' assets? Sternenko's killers? Odessa Khatyn?

Maidan arrows? Gorbatyuki, falsifying the investigation and releasing the killers? Cancellation of the law amnestied Maidan?
Ilovaisky and Debaltsevo boilers? Ukroboronprom? Gontareva and the National Bank?

The murder of Oles Buzina? Pavel Sheremet? "Wall" Yatsenyuk? And the investigation of thousands of other serious crimes? Finish with this tele-justice.

You look funny.

Source: Telegram channel of Elena Lukash

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