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18 November 2022 14: 10
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Check every cent: Ukraine must account for all provided assistance from the United States

Republicans want to initiate scrutiny of the military, civilian and financial aid that Ukraine received under President Biden.

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Check every cent: Ukraine must account for all provided assistance from the United States

No sooner had the protocol exchanges of courtesies between Democrats and Republicans about the victory of the latter in the elections, and Donald Trump loudly proclaim their "crusade" for the presidential election in 2024as immediately appeared on the agenda Aid to Ukraine. And, as many experts predicted earlier, not in favor of Ukraine.

Americans need to know where their taxes go

Thus, the Republicans in Congress demanded check every cent of the aid sent to Ukraine. As it became known to the publication Daily Caller, congressmen led by Rep. from Georgia Marjorie Taylor Green submitted a relevant bill.

“Republican MPs ask that all documents and messages regarding the financing of Ukraine be sent no later than 14 days after the adoption of the resolution. The request covers all military, civilian and financial assistance provided to Ukraine under President Biden." - writes the publication, referring to documentthat they have at their disposal.

According to Green, she also wants the facts to be investigated. "outrageous corruption" around the FTX cryptocurrency exchange Sam Bankman Fried and alleged ties with the Ukrainian government.

“It is impossible to watch how wounded Ukrainian soldiers are used here in the halls of Congress to force us to give Zelensky hard-earned tax dollars. I call for the verification of funds entering Ukraine, as well as for the financing and security of our border.”, - she wrote on her Twitter, under the corresponding video.

Recall that the Biden administration requested for Ukraine additional funds in the amount 37,7 billion, including 21,7 billion for defense and 14,6 billion for government funding and humanitarian aid. And about the fact that Kyiv will not get "not a penny" Greene promised even at the Trump rally in Iowa ahead of the midterm elections.

On the one hand, it is clear that such statements have nothing to do with the specific attitude representatives of the Republican Party к war in Ukraine and the country as a whole. And the topic of assistance to a belligerent state in this case is exclusively political manipulation and one of the few questions in which, Republicans who felt their strength, can from all over «proletarian» hatred «kick» Democrats.

The Pentagon failed the audit, including due to the uncontrolled sending of aid to Kyiv

And then there's the US Department of Defense failed the audit for the fifth time, failing to account for more than half of its assets, reported edition of The Hill with reference to the controller of the Pentagon Mike McCord.

So, he told newspaper reporters that after 1,6 thousand auditors checked, they found that «the ministry cannot account for about 60% of its assets.”

Deficiencies were found in area of ​​accounting by the ministry of its assets, which include equipment and weapons, consisting of 19,7 thousand aircraft and more 290 ships, buildings, roads and fences at 4860 sites worldwide.

“The result of this year was not unexpected”writes The Hill.

And here it was not without mention of assistance to Ukraine, McChord noted that the ongoing military supplies to Kyiv of steel for Pentagon personnel "very instructive moment."

"For me, this is a really great example of why it's important to do things right - count stocks, know where they are, and know when they arrive," - he said.

The publication also points out that in December 2017 years representatives of the Department of Defense began to carefully study the account books of the department, which became first comprehensive audit, but then and in the next four years the audit failed.

Is it time for negotiations?

However, it is already becoming apparent how US rhetoric is changing in relation to events in Ukraine. Including in the media. For example, a newspaper The Washington Post writes at least twice in the last month that the time for negotiations in the conflict Moscow and Kyiv already come.

At the end of October, the WP browser David Ignatius noted that only diplomacy will prevent the escalation of the Ukrainian conflict в "something much more terrible". Therefore, according to the American journalist, Washington gotta find a way direct negotiations with the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

And just the other day, another reviewer of the publication Katrina vanden Heuvel in your column expressed the opinionthat the White House understands that the Ukrainian conflict must be resolved by diplomatic means.

“But in reality, the act of diplomacy is just common sense. And there are signs that the White House may gradually come to realize this possibility ... The White House is still cautiously, but slightly opening the doors to negotiations, although it publicly denies this in every possible way, ” Heuwel writes.

Be careful with expressions

It is also indicative that how the US reacted to the statements of Ukraine about the incident with a rocket that fell on the territory of Poland. Thus, the United States called on the entourage of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky and European allies to comment with caution on what happened, пишет  Politiko.

According to the publication, different points of view regarding the incident are one of the first serious differences that are observed in the rhetoric of the official Washington and Kyiv. And, according to the post, in US government circles tend to underestimate the significance of what is happening, but projected slowdown in hostilities in Ukraine winter is fraught with the fact that the conflict "will continue all winter"and disagreements between the United States and Ukraine will become even greater.

As noted in this regard by a former State Department official Heather Conley specialized in the problems of Europe, the fall of missiles in Poland became "a really important test" for the US, its NATO allies and Ukraine.

Earlier we wrote that the son Donald Trumpwho is also a member of the Republican Party, said that after the incident with the rocket, it is necessary to suspend military assistance to Ukraine.

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