Julia Shvytkina
30 November 2022 17: 41

Envelope with a "surprise": details of the explosion at the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid

The package with the explosive device was intended for the ambassador, but the staff of the diplomatic department showed vigilance.

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Envelope with a surprise: details of the explosion at the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid

Today, in broad daylight, an explosion thundered at the Ukrainian Embassy in Madrid, as a result, an employee of the diplomatic department was injured.

Envelope with a surprise: details of the explosion at the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid - photo 1Envelope with a surprise: details of the explosion at the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid - photo 2

The incident has already been commented by the press secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Oleg Nikolenko.

"The Embassy of Ukraine in Spain received an envelope. During the inspection, an explosion occurred. The employee received minor injuries and was hospitalized. The necessary medical care is being provided. There is no threat to life. The rest of the embassy employees were not injured," - He wrote.

According to the speaker of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba instructed to urgently strengthen the security of all Ukrainian embassies abroad.

Local media citing police sources сообщаютthat the police are already investigating the incident. Police activate anti-terrorism protocol. Tedax explosives disposal units and dog handlers also arrived on the scene and surrounded the embassy grounds.

But despite this, according to Oleg Nikolenko The head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry addressed his Spanish colleague with a demand to take urgent measures to investigate the attack on the Ukrainian diplomatic institution.

"The minister also stressed that whoever was behind this explosion, they will not be able to intimidate Ukrainian diplomats or stop their daily work to strengthen Ukraine and counter Russian aggression", the speaker said.

On words Spanish law enforcement officers, the explosive device was in "a small envelope that hurt the official's hands". Efe agency citing its own sources пишетthat the letter was addressed to the ambassador, but the envelope was not passed through the scanner, and it was opened by a guard in the embassy garden. But CNN, referring to the police, notesthat it is not yet known whether the explosion occurred when an embassy employee tried to open the envelope or was simply carrying it.

Like later сообщил in a commentary to European Pravda, Ambassador Sergei Pogoreltsev, the package was indeed addressed to the ambassador, and, in fact, there was a box with an explosive device in it. According to him, the package seemed suspicious to the secretary, because it did not have a return address, and it did not look like a diplomatic bag.

Envelope with a surprise: details of the explosion at the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid - photo 3

Therefore, the secretary decided to give the package to the commandant, who, among other things, is responsible for guarding the embassy.

"There was a box in the package, so the commandant got suspicious and he himself - so that no one was around - went out with this "mail" into the yard before opening it. And as soon as he opened it, he heard that something clicked there , immediately threw it away, and even then I heard an explosion, " Pogoreltsev said.

He also confirmed the information that the victim had a contusion and injuries to his hands.

Previously, we wrote that The Verkhovna Rada commission to investigate the death of deputy Polyakov reported on the delay in the casereporting egregious violations.

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