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27 October 2021 12: 41

Another terrible accident in Kharkov: 16-year-old major lost control, there are dead

Has the story with Zaitseva taught anyone anything?

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Another terrible accident in Kharkov: 16-year-old major lost control, there are dead

On October 26, late in the evening in Kharkov, an another terrible accident with the participation of "golden youth". The 16-year-old driver survived, but innocent people were hurt.

As it turned out, a teenager born in 2005 had long been uncontrollably riding an Infiniti donated by his parents, and did not even try to follow the rules of the road. We can see for ourselves what this led to: yesterday the "major" crossed the pedestrian crossing at Odesskaya at a breakneck speed and crashed into a Chevrolet Aveo at the intersection. The driver of the car died on the spot, three more people were taken to the hospital. Amazingly, the culprit of the accident himself was almost not injured, escaping with a couple of abrasions.

A video of what happened at the Odessa crossroads is circulating on the net. An accident can be viewed from different angles.

In addition, there is a photo of a very badly broken car - as they say, in a mess. How it was possible to stay alive after such a thing and not even really get injured is a mystery.

As soon as the news received a response, details from the past of the young man began to emerge. In particular, subscribers of Kharkiv telegram channels remembered that two years ago (at the age of 14!) he fired from pneumatic weapons in a supermarket and wounded a person.

In his Instagram account, other videos were found where he drives at a speed of more than 100 km / h, overtaking other drivers.

And here is how the minion of fate talks to the police. Apparently, sending law enforcement officers with three letters is a common thing for him.

Carefully: obscene language 18+

The Kharkov woman posted the correspondence that took place on the eve of the accident. "Major" is rude to her, threatens, boasts that he "moved" people like her, and says that he can buy anyone.

Carefully: obscene language 18+

Speaking of birds. The teenager's parents have already written a statement about the theft of "Infiniti", but this is unlikely to help. The case turned out to be so loud that the citizens will not forgive if the young major is once again "dismissed". It is likely that his story will end in the same way as история Alena Zaitseva.

Reporter visited the scene of the accident KlymenkoTime. According to her, repairs are being made on the road and the wreckage of the car is being removed. She asked passers-by if they had heard of the situation and what they thought of it. Mostly people read about it in the news bulletins. The majority hopes for justice and believes that the "major" will sit down.

The daughter of the deceased 58-year-old Chevrolet driver also spoke out. She recorded a video at the morgue and asked people not to let the case be hushed up.

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