Spring will come - will they start planting? Or not?

What is the background of the wave of searches in Ukraine?

Chatting too much - SBU detained the mayor of Poltava

The mayor was "taken" right at the exit from the session hall, he faces up to 12 years in prison.

The stakes are rising: the SBU has opened a channel for the escape of draft dodgers abroad at prices from $5 per person

A deputy of the Chernihiv City Council may be involved in the scheme.

The war did not cure Ukraine of corruption: what are the favorite schemes of corrupt officials in power and what prevents them from fighting

People who are accused of corruption in Ukraine remain shaking hands - they are promoted, interviewed and invited to public events.

No to drugs: drug syndicate was liquidated in Ukraine and drugs worth 45 million were seized

The criminal group was tracked down for several months, and it was very well organized.

In Gostomel, unknown people cut off a Banksy drawing along with a piece of wall: details

The police said that there were 8 thieves.

For violation of anti-Russian sanctions - to prison for five years

The European Commission has declared it a criminal offense to circumvent EU sanctions against Russia.

Envelope with a "surprise": details of the explosion at the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid

The package with the explosive device was intended for the ambassador, but the staff of the diplomatic department showed vigilance.

Egregious violations: the Verkhovna Rada Commission to investigate the death of Deputy Polyakov reported on the delay in the case

As part of the case, they did not even collect enough biomaterial for examinations.

Fifty thousand hryvnia for posting a photo of the arrival: who can distribute images and videos with the consequences of shelling

The deputies want to separately establish criminal liability for posting photos and videos with the consequences of missile strikes on critical infrastructure.

Those responsible for the death of 298 passengers of the Malaysian Boeing were sentenced to life imprisonment - in absentia

The court in The Hague ruled that the Boeing-777 was shot down from the Buk-M1 air defense system on the territory of the "DPR" and named the perpetrators.

Rada wants to allow intelligence agencies to share personal data of passengers of foreign flights

We are talking about the exchange of information about passengers as part of the fight against terrorism, but there are nuances.

High-ranking officials stole 250 million from the budget under the guise of buying body armor

A representative of the Ministry of Economy and the head of a charitable organization were involved in criminal activities.

Western weapons supplied to Ukraine "surfaced" in Finnish criminals, as well as in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands

In Europe, the situation with arms smuggling from Ukraine is compared with the experience after the wars of the 1990s in Yugoslavia. In Ukraine, they say that this information is a fake.

SBU detained a fraudster pretending to be an SBU agent and his employee for bribes

Bribes amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The work of the secret services? Colonel who could be responsible for deliveries of kamikaze drones to Russia was killed in Iran

The network thanks Israel and the United States for this.

They mocked, beat, put under the table: the mayor of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky said that the SBU used force against him

And the SBU says that the mayor himself attacked them.

Shooting in the Dnepropetrovsk region: a conscript soldier who staged a massacre at Yuzhmash will be judged

The offender himself says that bullying is to blame.

Near Rivne, a dog killed a one-month-old baby: details of a terrible tragedy

A brutal situation occurred in the Rivne region - a dog bit off the head of a one-month-old baby there. Where at that moment were the parents of the child, read the news.

Up to 7 thousand dollars per person: the SBU closed four channels at once for the departure of men liable for military service from the country

Even local officials were involved in the schemes.