Julia Shvytkina
27 November 2021 11: 43

COVID is afraid of the holidays, and Ukrainians are afraid of a humanitarian vaccine and South African Omicron

The coronavirus is coming and going at the same time.

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COVID is afraid of the holidays, and Ukrainians are afraid of a humanitarian vaccine and South African Omicron

A little more than a month is left before the long-awaited series of New Year holidays, and they are preparing for them, including in the Ministry of Health, first of all, assuring Ukrainians that the current wave of coronavirus, if not over, will significantly weaken exactly by the New Year. This was stated by the chief medical officer Igor Kuzin.

“Judging by the trends and forecasts, the end of December will indeed be epidemically calmer than the beginning of November. We see that the areas that are in the “red” zone will leave it. Certain “red” zones will remain, but this will definitely not happen. deterioration of epidemiological situation. By the New Year, the wave should already go beyond the territory of Ukraine", - he said.

For now, according to the Ministry of Health The "yellow zone" of epidemic danger was replenished by two regions - Chernivtsi and Zakarpattia, which were previously in the "orange" zone. Now there are four regions in the "yellow" zone, two in the "orange" zone, and 18 regions and Kyiv in the "red" zone.

In principle, given past trends, Ukrainian health officials could already write a scientific paper on the sensitivity of COVID-19 to the approach of big holidays. Therefore, despite anyone's statements, the main responsibility for health still lies with each individual, but even here, judging by the rate of vaccination, the consciousness of our citizens, to put it mildly, is lame.

This can be judged not only by the fact that at the moment only a third of Ukrainians have been fully vaccinated, but also by the fact that over 400 thousand doses of the vaccine are being prepared for disposal. AstraZenecawhich expired at the end of October.

About this Chief Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine Igor Kuzin told in interview agency "Interfax-Ukraine".

According to him, the reason for the disposal of such volumes of medicines was "anti-vaccination sentiment" and myths about thrombosis in some AstraZeneca vaccinated, poor tolerance and ineffectiveness of the drug.

“It happened that people came to the vaccination station and asked for anything, but not for Astrazenek. Even despite the fact that many vaccinated people received this particular drug, and have no complaints", Kuzin added.

In the meantime, stubbornly pushing out information about the Delta strain, excitement is spreading about the emergence of a new strain.

For example, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control ECDC expresses concern about how the emergence of a new variant of coronavirus B.1.1.529 discovered in South Africa, which the World Health Organization called the Greek letter "omicron", could affect the immune protection of existing vaccines.

Omitting all chemical-medical explanations for ECDC, it is worth noting that the danger of a new variant of the virus can significantly reduce the effectiveness of vaccines and increase the risk of re-infection with coronavirus infection.

Many European states, including Germany, as well as the United States have already suspended air traffic with South Africa and several other African countries where Omicron has been identified. Meanwhile, the Minister of Health of South Africa Joe Paahla criticized the restrictions imposed, saying that such a measure is contrary to WHO standards.

By the way, it is likely that the new strain will become reason announced by the head of the Ministry of Health Viktor Lyashko, another wave of COVID, which, according to him, could cover Ukraine immediately after this one is over.

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