Forgot about the coronavirus? But in vain! Ministry of Health warns that war is not a reason to refuse vaccination

Over the past week alone, almost 19 Ukrainians have been hospitalized in hospitals with COVID-3.

A new wave of COVID, or a convenient excuse to return Ukrainian refugees home

Against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine, everyone forgot about the pandemic, but in the middle of summer, she suddenly decided to remind herself, reports of an increase in the incidence of coronavirus are recorded around the world.

Ukrainians ignore any quarantine measures, but a lot of useless restrictions continue to apply

The question is why this is necessary and when the state will put things in order in this.

In the center of Kyiv, they fired from a machine gun: there is a wounded man and 10 detainees. VIDEO 18+

Such news, unfortunately, is no longer something out of the ordinary for the capital.

The vaccine of discord: who is hit by the new COVID restrictions

Unlike Europe, the Ukrainian authorities have taken a course on tightening measures to combat the disease. In the pursuit of universal health, they have long gone too far, stepping over laws and the Constitution.

Hello, new quarantine: MES recommends sending schoolchildren to a remote location for at least two weeks

This is due to the resurgence of the coronavirus.

Klitschko suddenly recovered from coronavirus after being seen in a restaurant

The mayor of Kyiv explained his miraculous healing by the peculiarities of the strain "Omicron"

Doctors are forced to switch to part-time jobs so as not to pay the entire salary - people's deputy Radutsky

And this is against the backdrop of a new outbreak of coronavirus!

Klitschko and Metropolitan Epiphany fell ill with the coronavirus on the day Poroshenko arrived. Coincidence?

We don't think! Although anything is possible.

Ukrainians vaccinated with CoronaVac will be able to travel everywhere in Europe if they get a Pfizer booster shot

Recall that the Chinese vaccine is not recognized in all EU countries.

Oh, this Omicron: lockdown is in question, but booster vaccination is to be

So far, however, the booster dose of the coronavirus vaccine will be administered only to people over 60 years of age.

COVID-record holder: Chernivtsi resident had coronavirus for 7 months

This is the first such anomaly in Ukraine

The first one went. Omicron also reached Ukraine

The Ministry of Health says that the new strain was brought from the Emirates

“God, how foolish”: six police officers detained a passenger of the Lutsk minibus, who was without a mask

Meanwhile, in Kyiv, Kharkov and Zhytomyr, protests were held against mandatory vaccination.

Omicron is advancing: Ukraine massively closes borders for African countries - however, they didn’t fly to us from there

All these chaotic movements of the government are like actions for the sake of action.

An employee of the Nikopol Museum had her hip broken because she did not want to be vaccinated. Why are people freaking out amid the pandemic?

This is not the first and probably not the last case of assault due to the coronavirus.

Omicron - get out. What is known about the new strain of COVID-19

I wonder what we will do when the Greek alphabet ends.

COVID is afraid of the holidays, and Ukrainians are afraid of a humanitarian vaccine and South African Omicron

The coronavirus is coming and going at the same time.

"Vovina Thousand": Zelensky promised UAH 1000 to those who are vaccinated twice

But you still can’t spend it on a communal apartment

“Russia is again stirring up as part of a hybrid war”: Gordon is sure that Russia is gathering Ukrainian anti-vaccination rallies

Well, who else to make extreme?