The monument to Catherine II in Odessa was demolished under the cover of night: how the monument to the founders of the city ceased to exist

Following the Russian Empress, the monument to commander Alexander Suvorov also left its place that night.

"Bloody Boys" at La Scala: how Ursula von der Leyen greeted the Russian tsar and priests with a standing ovation

The scandalous production at the Milan Opera was attended not only by Italian President Sergio Mattarella and Prime Minister Giorgi Meloni, but also by the head of the European Commission.

Another massive shelling of Ukraine: explosions are heard in Zaporozhye, Cherkasy, Odessa, Kharkiv and other regions (updated)

In some regions of Ukraine, as well as in Moldova, emergency blackouts began, in addition, the Moldovan media write about the fall of a Russian missile on their territory.

Details of the next missile attack on Ukraine on November 23: a residential building was damaged in the Kyiv region, there are victims (updated)

In many regions of Ukraine, problems with electricity, water and communications are reported, the power units of the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant were emergency shut down.

Media: two Russian missiles fell on the territory of Poland (updated)

American intelligence confirmed the information, while Russia called it "a deliberate provocation in order to escalate the situation."

Not a good morning for Crimea: explosion on the Crimean bridge - details, comments (updated)

At the moment, the movement of cars and trains on the bridge is stopped.

In Chernivtsi, a pedophile shot a policewoman on the school grounds

So far, the attacker is at large and hiding in high-rise buildings near the educational institution.

Explosions thunder on the Crimean coast, there are victims

Eyewitnesses report that explosions are heard from the Russian military air base in the village of Novofedorovka, which is near the resort town of Saki, and smoke is seen even on the beach in Evpatoria.

Avoiding mobilization costs from UAH 60 to 130: military commissars set up business

To whom to give a certificate of unsuitability for military service, to whom to promise to settle everything through the "right people."

Nancy Pelosi landed in Taiwan - details of world-class visit

It looks like the third world war is being postponed for now, but tensions remain high and it is likely that China will launch a military campaign to seize Taiwan in the near future.

Rocket attack on the shopping center in Kremenchuk: there are injured and dead (updated)

Local publics write that there were a lot of people in the building of the shopping center.

The tragedy in the Dnieper: the shooter was given a measure of restraint, and the dead were taken on their last journey

Artemy Ryabchuk fully admitted his guilt and asked not to be sent to the guardhouse.

Howay, who can: if Putin attacks, the capital's strip club will be allowed free of charge

One of the bomb shelters in the center of Kyiv turned out to be a strip club

The nine-story building where the ATB office was located burned out due to insulation

Fortunately, no one was injured in the fire.

Due to constant blackouts, dozens of people blocked the railway crossing in the Dnieper

About 700 houses are left without electricity for 12 hours a day.

The "Russian" wind tore the largest flag of Ukraine and the portrait of Bandera, and also made a "elcofall"

The consequences of yesterday's bad weather are actively discussed in social networks.

Against Putin and in support of Kazakhstan: several hundred people gathered in Kyiv for another protest

Sunday is spent in vain if there was no rally, flags, posters and favorite chants about Putin.

Bandera's birthday: giant banners, more than fifty promotions and congratulatory posts on social networks

True, only a few thousand Ukrainians will take part in these festive events.

From an art object to an object of scandal: Kharkiv residents wanted to sell concrete blocks like Stonehenge for UAH 1,5 million

The mayor's office says that they will not pay the authors of the installation.

The adventures of a drunken military prosecutor in Krivoy Rog: demolished a bus stop, escaped from the hospital, got into a fight with a journalist

The Deputy Head of the Department of the Specialized Prosecutor's Office in the Military and Defense Sphere from Odessa had a busy day