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31 December 2022 11: 02
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Tariffs for cold and hot water have been named: what utility bills will increase?

Some say that utility tariffs will rise, but the Cabinet of Ministers vehemently denies this. So what can Ukrainians expect in 2023?

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Tariffs for cold and hot water have been named: what utility bills will increase?

Ukraine has introduced a moratorium on raising utility rates until the end of the war. But this does not apply to all tariffs. The relevant draft law No. 7427 does not provide for fixing the water tariff. That is why prices for hot and cold water should rise from January.

What won't change?

According to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal, from January 1, tariffs for heat and hot water will remain unchanged. Only cold water should rise in price. 

But this will not happen, since the increase in the price of heating and hot water during the heating season will be possible thanks to the assistance of 14 billion hryvnias for local budgets. 

Tariffs in each area will be different.

Utility bills may vary by region. 

  • In Kyiv, the cost of heating for the population from Kyivteploenergo until the end of the heating season will be UAH 1 per gigacalorie. 
  • In Dnipro, heat supply from Teploenergo will cost UAH 1 per gigacalorie. 
  • In Odessa, according to the tariff of KP "Heat supply of the city of Odessa", heating will cost 1 hryvnia per gigacalorie. 
  • In Kharkiv, citizens will be heated at the tariff from the Kharkiv Heat Networks KP, which is UAH 1 per gigacalorie.

How will the cost of cold water increase?

The cost of cold water in 2023 will increase in two stages, as consumers have already been warned. The first stage is planned from January 1, and the second - from July 1. All water utilities will have different tariffs. Their cost is formed under the influence of such factors: electricity prices, accessibility to water sources, salaries of workers of the water utility, branching of the water supply system, and even population density in the region that the water utility serves.

Earlier we reported that despite the frozen tariffs, Communal in Ukraine continues to rise in price.

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