Foreign billions for Ukraine

How much money will the country receive from the IMF, EU and G2023 in 7?

Is the collapse of the dollar's currency hegemony close?

What do the proposals to create regional currencies in Latin America mean?

After the introduction of 9 packages of anti-Russian sanctions, some EU countries increased imports from Russia by hundreds of percent

Why is this happening?

Tariffs for cold and hot water have been named: what utility bills will increase?

Some say that utility tariffs will rise, but the Cabinet of Ministers vehemently denies this. So what can Ukrainians expect in 2023?

The abolition of banking secrecy in Ukraine, tax cuts and when it will become easier for everyone: the main thing from Getmantsev's interview

While the war is going on, the situation in Ukraine will remain difficult, but the main thing is to survive the winter.

Right under the Christmas tree: from January 1, tariffs for water and electricity transmission will be increased in Ukraine

But these are not the only increases that await Ukrainians in 2023.

Private Western investors earn on lending to Ukraine

And ordinary Ukrainians will pay for everything.

Irregular working hours and the abolition of the division of professions into “male” and “female”: what else can Ukrainians expect from the labor market in 2023

The situation on the market remains very difficult, but is gradually stabilizing.

The Russian Federation imposed a ban on oil exports to countries that joined the "price ceiling": what is wrong with the decision and why it will not interfere with exports

Russia also intends to continue pumping oil through Ukraine.

In the New Year with new costs: what changes come into force as early as January 1

An increase in the minimum wage, indexation of pensions is not expected, but tariffs will increase and new taxes will appear.

Demand reforms and checks on corruption: the IMF does not give more money to Ukraine, how will this affect ordinary Ukrainians

Ukraine will be left without money? The International Monetary Fund refused to pay the funds and, moreover, decided to check how the authorities had spent the previous funds.

Let's remember spices, ice and basins: simple tips on how to save food without a refrigerator

The lights go out and the long and tedious battle to keep food in the fridge (and out of it) begins. We have prepared a number of tips that should help.

The most difficult situation in metallurgy, the production of meat and grain has decreased: production in Ukraine has fallen on average by 70%

The situation is aggravated by attacks on the energy infrastructure and constant blackouts.

Russian gas price ceiling approved, but will not affect Russia

But Europe may suffer additional economic losses.

Rating with a surprise: which countries withstood the economic challenges of a difficult 2022

It turned out that for the first time in a long time, the main "economic party" unfolded not in the US, Britain or Germany, but in the Mediterranean.

Difficult 2023: what will happen to prices and the economy of Ukraine next year

It all depends on the degree of destruction of the energy system of Ukraine.

Gasoline disappeared at gas stations: why did this happen and what is the reason for the fuel shortage?

At some gas stations there was a shortage of gasoline. Why did this happen and whether to expect a crisis - experts said.

Europe found itself in an economic crisis because of the USA: how are they going to save the Old World and which countries will suffer from this

Europe and the US are on the brink of economic war over Russian gas supplies. After all, what is good for Biden is not very good for Macron, Scholz and, at the same time, the Europeans.

Europe will throw money on the Internet: where will 4,5 million euros from Europe go?

Europe again “thrown some money” to the Ukrainians. This time - more than 4 million euros. Where will the money go?

Ukrainian refugees - a burden or a "lifeline" for the European economy?

It turned out that the spending of Ukrainians abroad has a positive effect on the growth of the countries' GDP, at least according to the NBU.