Donbass. The main thing

Donbass March 1: summary from the region

Shelling affects civilians and infrastructure

What is happening in Donbas on February 28: important news from the region

Civilians are dying, houses and communications are being destroyed

Donbass February 27: what is happening in the region

Humanitarian catastrophe in many settlements

Donbass February 26: summary from the region

The fighting doesn't stop

Military operations in Ukraine: what is happening in the Donbass

The cannonade practically does not subside in the region.

Mobilization in the "DPR": how they are drafted into the army in the Donbass

Men are sent to serve directly from the streets.

Donbass after "recognition": what is happening in the region

Loud statements are heard from the "authorities of the republics"

Putin is going to sign a decree recognizing the independence of the "LPR"

The president told Scholz and Macron about this, Russian media report.

There is no electricity and water, enterprises stop: the consequences of hostilities in the Donbass

Civilian infrastructure suffers from shelling

Donetsk February 21: there is no panic and excitement, but there are fewer people

Journalist of Klymenko Time - about the situation in the “DPR”

“We can send peacekeepers to Donbass”: CSTO Secretary General

And the State Duma will discuss issues related to the growth of tension in the "LDNR".

Servant of the People deputies, along with foreign journalists, came under fire in Donbas

It is reported that Denis Monastyrsky, a group of people's deputies, and 25 foreign journalists came under mortar fire.

Evacuation from Donbass: the situation as of the afternoon of February 19

People from Donbass not controlled by Ukraine continue to be evacuated to Russia

Volodin: Russia will stand up for compatriots in the "LPR" in case of a threat to their lives

Meanwhile, powerful explosions thundered in Luhansk. Luganskgaz called the explosions sabotage.

Evacuation from Donbass: situation as of February 19

Today, 100 refugees from Donbass are expected in the Rostov region

Pushilin announced a general mobilization in the "DPR"

"People's Council of the Republic" has already supported this decree

Evacuation from Donbass: what is happening in the region

From the “LDNR” the population is taken out by buses to the Russian Federation

A powerful explosion occurred in the center of Donetsk near the "government" of the "DPR" (PHOTO, VIDEO)

This is widely reported by local media.

In the "DPR" announced a mass evacuation of the population to Russia

An emergency statement was made by the head of the "republic" Denis Pushilin.

Aggravation in Donbass: OSCE registers multiple shellings, "flew" even in kindergarten

Fortunately, the children were not injured - but the teachers received a shell shock.