Julia Shvytkina

Julia Shvytkina

Forgot about the coronavirus? But in vain! Ministry of Health warns that war is not a reason to refuse vaccination

Over the past week alone, almost 19 Ukrainians have been hospitalized in hospitals with COVID-3.

There will be no winter fairy tale: what kind of weather forecasters promise Ukrainians for the New Year

New Year's thaw awaits us, in Ukraine it will get warmer up to +15 degrees

New Year's by candlelight? Will Ukrainians have light on holidays

The OP assures that they are doing everything to ensure that there are no power outages on New Year's Eve.

I can dig, I can not dig: who will be sent to rest at their own expense, and who will be forbidden to go on vacation

The deputies want to amend the labor legislation to streamline the granting and use of holidays.

Almost a third of the working-age population of Ukraine without work

"Army of Recovery" and grant programs for IDPs and small and medium businesses from "єRobota" - so far do not solve the problem.

Putin boasted of unprecedented volumes of energy supplies to China and invited Xi Jinping to Moscow

The President of the Russian Federation and the leader of the People's Republic of China spoke via video link and decided to strengthen cooperation, including between the armed forces.

Legendary Pele dies

For a little over a year, the football player struggled with a serious oncological disease.

Yermak told who he considers his personal enemies, whether compromises with Putin are possible and explained his puzzles from emoticons

The head of the Presidential Office is sure that next year the United States will provide Ukraine with all the weapons necessary for victory.

Former kickboxer and Greta Tumberg staged a battle on Twitter

Some users believe that the eco-activist dealt a "low blow" to blogger and well-known misogynist Andrew Tate,

Chatting too much - SBU detained the mayor of Poltava

The mayor was "taken" right at the exit from the session hall, he faces up to 12 years in prison.

Doctors, teachers, artists and sellers: who will be banned from campaigning in elections

Campaigning is only on weekends, and the media will have to publicly show the cost of posting the election campaign.

What is known about the fall of the S-300 anti-aircraft guided missile in Belarus (updated)

The Ministry of Defense claims that there is no cause for concern in connection with the incident.

Departure of men abroad - attempt number two: details of the new law

Foreign trips for men liable for military service may still be allowed without a failed "eBusiness trip".

The monument to Catherine II in Odessa was demolished under the cover of night: how the monument to the founders of the city ceased to exist

Following the Russian Empress, the monument to commander Alexander Suvorov also left its place that night.

Smoking harms not only health, but also accession to the EU: if Saakashvili dies, Georgia will not be admitted to the EU

It is doubtful that the convicted ex-president will be able to become a pass for Georgia to Europe, but it is quite a reason to refuse.

In Chernivtsi, Pushkin was sent to Stalin, and the National Music Academy did not want to renounce Tchaikovsky

The Ministry of Culture allowed to dismantle the bust of Pushkin from the building of the Chernivtsi Drama Theater, which is an architectural monument and is located in the buffer zone of the UNESCO site.

In the New Year with new costs: what changes come into force as early as January 1

An increase in the minimum wage, indexation of pensions is not expected, but tariffs will increase and new taxes will appear.

Whose side is General Frost on: winter on the battlefield can be hot

The American edition of The Wall Street Journal names six factors that will determine the course of hostilities in the next two months.

In Poland, Ukrainians are deprived of the status of temporary protection without any reason - what to do?

Leaving the territory of Poland, Ukrainian refugees run the risk of finding out upon their return that their UKR status has been cancelled.

What will post-war Ukraine be like: refugees returning home will face prejudice, and Zelensky will be reminded of all the mistakes

The Institute of Demography said that Ukraine is losing its population not because of an increase in mortality and a decrease in the birth rate, but because of migration.