Pavel Kukharkin

Pavel Kukharkin

Author of Youtube channel Klymenko Time Journalist, blogger, public opinion leader. Member of the Klymenko Time team since 2017. Creates author's blogs "Burned" and the program "Ukraine Not Russia", moderator of the Klymenko Time Friends Club. Specializes in exposing fakes and propaganda, always subtly and with humor. In 2018, he was one of the few Ukrainian journalists who went to cover the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. Pavel's reports from 12 championship cities have collected millions of views. Author of a series of video reports “Ukrainian in Poland” (2018), “Belarusian Voyage” and “Discovering Ukraine” (2019)

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The Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance continues to hold its round tables with the theme - what to do with the imperial heritage of Ukraine? Pavel Kukharkin talks about such “meetings” and what they discuss in a new vlog #Burned.

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