Team Klymenko Time

Team Klymenko Time

Ukrainian football is in decline and not only because of the war

What awaits Ukrainian football?

Another front on the border with Belarus? Is Lukashenko ready

In Ukrainian society, at various levels, the topic of a possible entry into the war of Belarus regularly arises.

Akhmetov, Kolomoisky, Poroshenko, Medvedchuk. How Ukraine will live without oligarchs?

Will there be no more oligarchs?

How are Poroshenko, Lyashko, Yarosh, Bereza and Tyagnibok fighting Russia?

Ukrainian politicians during the war, where are they?

Abnormal heat in Europe: fires, evacuation, power system at the limit

Extreme heat in Europe.

Celebrities during the war: Ptushkin, Durnev, Monatic, Khlyvnyuk, Taras Topolya...

What are celebrities doing during the war?

Will there be a battle for Odessa?

What awaits Odessa?

Turkey is preparing a meeting with the Russian Federation "at the highest level"

Erdogan and Putin spoke by phone.

How Akhmetov, Kolomoisky, Poroshenko, Pinchuk and CO are getting poorer

The war accelerated the process of real deoligarchization.

Russia may launch offensive on Zaporizhzhia, - Ukrainian Defense Ministry

Russia may try to make a breakthrough in the Zaporozhye direction.

War of attrition. Where will everything lead to for Russia and Ukraine? Ruslan Bortnik

Political scientist Ruslan Bortnik about the war in Ukraine and the future for Russia.

4 days before the war. What did Putin and Macron talk about?

What did Macron and Putin talk about 4 days before the war in Ukraine?

Mobilization in Ukraine: who can be allowed to travel abroad?

Who can be released abroad?

Explosions in Kyiv. Why were they shooting at the capital today?

Sunday morning June 26 turned out to be unkind for Kyiv. The Russian military launched a series of air strikes on the capital of Ukraine.

Is there a threat of the capture of Kharkov?

The fate of Kharkov is being decided.

Ukraine received American MLRS HIMARS

The first HIMARS arrived in Ukraine and are already at the front.

Arestovich warned the people of Kiev about the attack from the Black Sea

Arestovich warned the people of Kiev.

China and Russia form an alliance against the West? Opinion Bloomberg

Russia wants to get at least something from China.

Blogger Gleb Lyashenko released from jail

The blogger's mother thanks everyone who worried and helped defend justice.

How Angela Merkel "appeased" Putin

"Appeasement" did not work.