Elena Minina

Elena Minina

Journalist, political commentator. In political PR and journalism since 2006. Member of the Klymenko Time team since 2020. Specializes in political analysis and investigations.

Donbass. The main thing: Who and why is preparing for a big war

Our task is to understand what is really happening in the region and tell you about it.

4 billion retroactively. How Mustafa Nayyem covers the schemes of Ukroboronprom

A few weeks ago, the "activist" and "Euro-optimist", ex-deputy from the Poroshenko bloc, and now an active adherent of the "green" team, Mustafa Nayem, decided to recall our Telegram channel Klymenko Time with a kindly quiet word. They say that we, among other colleagues, are preparing some custom-made materials against the state concern Ukroboronprom, where the same Mustafa, along with other “soros”, works for a modest 300 thousand hryvnia taxpayers per month.

The golden wagon runs swinging

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Ukrzaliznytsia and shell companies of Tomasz Fiala: they investigated million-dollar schemes of "soros" on "diesel"

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