Eva Antonenko

Eva Antonenko

State language of instruction, rights and prohibitions: key from the Law on National Minorities signed by the President

Most of all, the adopted law may be outraged by the Hungarians, who have previously criticized the language law.

The abolition of banking secrecy in Ukraine, tax cuts and when it will become easier for everyone: the main thing from Getmantsev's interview

While the war is going on, the situation in Ukraine will remain difficult, but the main thing is to survive the winter.

End of the era of sanctions?

Opponents of the United States have already come up with 3 ways to level the consequences of US sanctions.

6600 hryvnia each from the International Handicap Federation: how to get

International organizations continue to provide assistance to vulnerable segments of the Ukrainian population.

Attack of drones on Kyiv and the region, problems with the defense of its own territory in Russia: military news December 30

During the day, 85 missile and 35 air strikes were inflicted on Ukraine.

Right under the Christmas tree: from January 1, tariffs for water and electricity transmission will be increased in Ukraine

But these are not the only increases that await Ukrainians in 2023.

Tools of censorship and restriction of freedom of speech: scandalous law “On Media” adopted in Ukraine

Now the National Council will be able to fine and close individual media, and the authorities say that it complies with international standards.

Men flee en masse from Poland to avoid military service: 70 thousand people have already left the country

In Poland, they decided to mobilize reservists.

Ukrainians can obtain citizenship of one of the foreign states under a preferential program: details

But for this you need to be a very wealthy person.

Private Western investors earn on lending to Ukraine

And ordinary Ukrainians will pay for everything.

Massive shelling of Ukraine, another explosions at the airfield in Engels: military news on December 29

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that the "Caliber" will never end.

Soviet propaganda coven: the mayor of Lebedin appealed to the SBU because of Santa Claus at a holiday at school

A new hunt began, but not for witches, but for supporters of Santa Clauses.

When there is little money for the army: Ukraine wants to introduce a new tax in 2023

And the reason for this may be a new Memorandum with the IMF.

Russia should not be a UN member, but the question of its exclusion is futile - Estonian Foreign Ministry

Ways to exclude Russia were considered even in the United States.

Rating of public figures who got everyone in 2022

These are people whose personality trait is narcissism.

Irregular working hours and the abolition of the division of professions into “male” and “female”: what else can Ukrainians expect from the labor market in 2023

The situation on the market remains very difficult, but is gradually stabilizing.

"Patriot" is not a wunderwaffe that will completely cover the Ukrainian sky

The system intercepts far from all enemy missiles.

Beware New Year! How to Make the Holidays Safe for Dogs and Cats

What makes people happy can be a source of great stress for pets.

They lay with his wife in shorts: the Pole left his wife for the sake of the Ukrainian refugee, whom he sheltered in his apartment

The wife, driven to the extreme, tried to commit suicide by drinking a large amount of medicine.

Issue of Russian passports in Lugansk region, Ukrainian Armed Forces may release Kremennaya, more than 700 critical facilities damaged: military news 28 December

Almost 7 civilians have officially died during the war alone.