Darina Lisyuchenko

Darina Lisyuchenko

In Ukraine, the mayor of Chernihiv was removed: why did this happen and what does Tesla have to do with it

The mayor himself accused the Office of the President of putting pressure on the court.

Debauchery or aesthetics? Channel 5 journalists released a calendar with candid photos - the money will go to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Naturally, it was not without a scandal in the media community. By the way, a similar initiative was from men.

Alfa Bank no longer exists: what awaits depositors

The bank is now called "Sense".

Ukraine-Russia negotiations: Zelensky speaks of futility, Macron asks to sit down at the negotiating table, Blinken speaks of disinterest

The French leader also saw resentment in Putin's eyes and said that the Russian people should be respected.

Love cannot be parted: what happens on the love front of Ukrainians during the war and what every family needs to know

We talk about how Tinder has become an indispensable assistant in the love affairs of the Ukrainian Amur, what psychologists advise to maintain relationships and what to do if you are a victim of domestic violence.

Coronavirus in the world: the current situation, what is known about the artificial appearance of the virus, and what does Hunter Biden have to do with it?

We tell everything that is known at this point about the biological appearance of the virus, fraud in Europe with vaccines, and the possible participation of the son of the President of the United States in biolaboratories.

Pornography or aesthetics? How women from Ukraine sell their nude photos to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Someone criticizes this method of charity, and someone admires it.

Nudes, khtivki, Teronlifans: how Ukrainian women sell their nude photos to help the army

They say that money can't buy love, but you can buy hot photos for charity. But not everything is as sweet as it sounds...

Go home - lost all payments and temporary protection status: what Ukrainian refugees in Poland need to know

In October alone, 80 Ukrainian refugees in Poland lost their eligibility for cash benefits.

For the first time since the war: US Democrats call for direct talks with Russia

Representatives of the Liberal Democrats note that the catastrophic consequences of the war are increasingly being felt far beyond the borders of Ukraine.

Life after the war: how to help a person who returned from the front

Up to 90% of veterans return from war with PTSD.

And another preemptive strike? Belarus made new statements about a possible entry into the war in Ukraine

A new batch of sharp statements and accusations.

Against the backdrop of Zelensky's statements? The United States raised the level of combat readiness to the maximum

Sixty years after the Cuban Missile Crisis, the world is once again on the brink of nuclear war.

The situation at the Zaporozhye NPP is extremely tense: what is happening at the largest nuclear power plant?

It is not the first day that conflicting and even disturbing news has been received from ZNPP.

A group of German deputies wanted to go to the Donbass, which is not controlled by Ukraine, but did not make it: what is the reason

Meanwhile, newly minted British Prime Minister Liz Truss demanded that Russia pay reparations.

The Verkhovna Rada returned the excise tax on fuel: what does this mean?

VAT remains at 7%. 

Escalation, a constant flow of new technology to Ukraine and the preservation of calm: the reaction of the international community to Putin's statements about partial mobilization

Some countries even put the Rapid Reaction Forces on high alert. And some have already changed their rhetoric and are not talking about "the unconditional victory of Ukraine."

Missile attack on the center of Kherson - there are victims, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine increase pressure on the Russian Federation in the east: military news for September 16

20 rockets have landed in a town in the Belgorod region, and Russia is planning to deploy its contingent from Syria to Ukraine.

Poles get tired of refugees from Ukraine: Poland recorded the highest percentage of opponents of accepting refugees during the entire war

Six months later, the Germans also changed their attitude towards the Ukrainians.

Russia hit missiles on a dam in Krivoy Rog, US discusses sanctions against Russia, similar to recognition as a sponsor of terrorism: military news on September 15

After the missile strikes in Kryvyi Rih, there were serious problems with the central water supply, and the sponsor of the PMC "Wagner" becomes the face of the Russian "special military operation" in Ukraine.