Armina Khachatryan

Armina Khachatryan

Author of the Youtube channel Klymenko Time. Journalist, blogger, public opinion leader. Member of the Klymenko Time team since 2017. Creates author's blogs "About the important", "Armina's Vlog", investigations "Armin in the topic", interviews with politicians and experts. He knows everything about politicians, their little and especially big secrets.

Evacuation of Donbass. Panic or Real Threat

Donbass. Evacuation!

Bachelors and bachelors of the 2022 Olympics. Who are they?

We are talking about the most athletic brides and grooms in Ukraine.

"Lost the stitcher." How Drozdov complained to Sokolova about "servants of the people"

Amazing combo!

"Soothing" from Zelensky and "horror stories" from Poroshenko

The week was not boring. Nerves frayed like a troubled child.

Two Gordons is a show! Where Akhmetov invested

"Show mast go he!"

Affordable surrogacy in Ukraine. For whom?

For whom are laws written?

Matvey Ganapolsky: from a circus performer to "powder bots"

Ganapolsky decided to lead the revolt of the "powder bots".

Local SS! How "Hitlerism" flourishes in Ukraine

In the yard of 2022, and the SS "Galicia" is still held in high esteem in Lviv?

Ostap suffered! How the Servant of the People fired Drozdov from the TV channel

Irreparable loss in the ranks of media instigators.

"Not Goloborodko!" Zelensky's promises and reality for Ukrainians

What did you expect and what did you get?

Scandals of "servants", the fight against Akhmetov, Avakov's resignation. Ukrainian politics in 2021

Summing up the results of 2021 for Ukrainian politics.

The "ban" we deserve? What not to look at the New Year

Banned New Year's films in Ukraine.

Excuses Klitschko for "tired" bridges and buildings in Kyiv

Welcome to the world of Vitali Klitschko.

How Zelensky uses Kvartal 95. Jokes are jokes, but it's not funny anymore

How Kvartal 95 stopped joking about Zelensky.

Andriy Bogdan "revealed" the secrets of Zelensky's party. Interview with Dmitry Gordon

Gordon's promised "nuclear information bomb" exploded. At least Gordon thinks so.

Who "rules" the country and where? TOP-100 influential Ukrainians in Ukraine

TOP-100 influential Ukrainians. Who are they?

Where is Lesha Goncharenko driving?

What else should a deputy of Poroshenko's party do, how not to record a video for YouTube?

Bans don't work! Ukrainians look about Putin and Morgenstern

What are Ukrainians watching on YouTube?

"Servants of the People" will check how much you love Ukraine

Will measure our patriotism?

Shufutinsky will not be allowed into Ukraine! Even for "nice ladies"

Today we will talk about the singer Shufutinsky - and about new bans from the authorities.