Alexander Kitral

Alexander Kitral

Journalist, columnist. I specialize in social issues. He worked in the newspaper "Life as it is", "Komsomolskaya Pravda-Ukraine", the online publication "Observer".

Critical electricity: will "dark times" threaten Ukraine soon?

Due to hostilities, the integrity of the "energy infrastructure" is under threat.

In the grip of an economic "breakthrough": how the life of Ukrainians has changed in recent years

The well-being of citizens does not keep pace with prices

The vaccine of discord: who is hit by the new COVID restrictions

Unlike Europe, the Ukrainian authorities have taken a course on tightening measures to combat the disease. In the pursuit of universal health, they have long gone too far, stepping over laws and the Constitution.

Everything in the name of freedom: why Ukraine is in a hurry to "cut the wires" with Russia and Belarus

Energy independence will cost Ukrainians dearly.

Ukraine wants to return millions of former fellow citizens. Is there a chance?

According to Zelensky, there are 65 million Ukrainians in the world.

Shopping without money: how the authorities intend to raise the Ukrainian village

The government believes that the province lacks services.

State shame: how Ukrainian old people survive

80% of older people live below the poverty line

For the sake of the IMF: how the tightening of the "tariff loop" will turn out for Ukrainians

The authorities promise to increase pressure on public debtors.

Time bomb: what is happening to Ukrainian infrastructure

Accidents at facilities threaten disasters.

"Game" for survival: Ukrainians were under tax pressure

The authorities continue to patch up budget holes at the expense of the population.

Aim for justice: how Ukrainians respond to arbitrariness

More and more people are ready to defend their rights

The masks have been torn off: how the pandemic revealed the systemic crisis in Ukraine

The authorities are actively using unexpected carte blanche

Reductions and delays in wages: unemployment is expected to rise in Ukraine

Experts believe that the situation will worsen.

When words do not work: the degree of tension is growing in Ukraine

Fewer citizens believe in the power of the law.