Alex Wright

Alex Wright

Political scientist, political commentator. Specializes in the topic of Ukraine-EU-US relations. Freelance writer for International Policy Digest, OpEd Column, OpEd News.

Trade and energy front of the "Russian invasion"

How exactly can Moscow put pressure on Kyiv? We understood the material of Klymenko Time.

Low quality or empty shelves: how to deal with food inflation in Ukraine?

How much more will prices rise in stores?

The principle of extraterritoriality: what is the basis of the American presence around the world?

Ukraine is clearly not against the appearance of US troops on its territory. But do we really need it?

"Tactical" partner: what conclusions can Kyiv draw from Victoria Nuland's visit to Moscow

What can our country expect?

“Not ours” The Great Patriotic War is a shameful simulacrum that humiliates Ukraine and Ukrainians

With the passage of time, fewer and fewer living participants in the Great Patriotic War remain alive, and the current generation more often has to study the past only on the basis of someone's subjective assessments and on the remnants of historical documents. But even this opportunity is used by very few.

US State Department report on the human rights situation in Ukraine: full expert analysis

The U.S. Department of State recently released its 2020 Global Human Rights Report. A special section of the document consisting of 7 chapters was devoted to the situation in our country.

The collective West “fell out of love” with Zelensky, and there are reasons for that

In the fall of 2020, the leading European and American media began to publish materials actively criticizing the President of Ukraine. What caused such a reaction? Is it possible to talk about pressure on Volodymyr Zelensky from the side of the “collective West” or a course towards a “reset” of the country's political landscape? We understood the material of Klymenko Time. On the pages of the Western press, the image of Zelensky is rapidly fading after the local elections on 25 [...]

Europe chooses digital sovereignty. What should Ukraine do?

European officials are going to limit the influence of global Internet companies in the EU. What is Ukraine doing in this area - and is it doing at least something?

Zelensky's visit to the UAE: preparations for the opening of the land market

Klymenko Time analyzed the purpose of the meeting and drew conclusions about the possible results

Arms for Ukraine: the triumph of the American military-industrial complex lobby

The total value of weapons transferred to Ukraine broke a record last year. Some experts see this as sincere support from a “big friend”, but in reality, the figure is rather evidence of the excellent work of American lobbyists. Questionable data In early December, information was actively disseminated in the Ukrainian media that in 2020 Ukraine “purchased” weapons from the United States for a record [...]

Populism, "cartel" and contracts for foreign firms - what happened to the coronavirus fund

During the year, Europe and the United States transferred millions of dollars to Ukraine to fight COVID-19. However, almost half of the funds from the coronavirus fund were not allocated for medicines and necessary equipment, but went into the pockets of the “cartel” of construction firms and foreign contractors. Misdirected spending The coronavirus pandemic continues around the world, and Ukraine is no exception. From across the country [...]

Where does the money come from: how much money has Ukraine received since 2014 and who are its main donors

We do not have official statistics of foreign “infusions”, but the largest investments in our country come from the USA, the EU and the IMF